I'm Rachel Avalon, Angelic Empowerment Coach, spiritual teacher, angel channel and energy healer.

I work closely with the Archangels to help heart-centered women release what’s holding them back from achieving their true potential in order to create greater levels of success, freedom and abundance within their life and biz.

I'm passionate about helping women step into their power in order to speak their truth, achieve their dreams and fulfill their purpose.

I'm dedicated to teaching the powerful manifesting techniques and empowerment tools that I've channeled from the Archangels in order to help YOU live the abundant, blissful life that you deserve.

I'm living the life that I envisioned for myself years ago: a life of complete freedom that allows me to stay home with my 19-month old daughter and fulfill my purpose of helping others around the world.

I get to spend my time doing the things that bring me the most joy all the while creating increased abundance, happiness and fulfilment for me and my family. 

And I'd love to help you achieve greater levels of SUCCESS, FULFILLMENT and FREEDOM within your life!

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Wishing you love, light and abundance!

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