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Angel Card Readings

This is an in-depth reading using multiple Angel Oracle Card decks to receive insight about your current life path.

You will receive personal channeled messages of guidance to help you move forward with your goals and dreams.

This is an Email reading, and you will receive a complete written transcript of the reading along with a picture of the card spread sent to your email inbox.

For this reading, you can choose to ask the angels up to three questions (e.g. about your love life, career, family life, etc.) or you can choose to have a general reading.

You will receive channeled guidance from the angels providing the most important information that is needed at this time to help you move forward on your life path.

I work closely with the Archangels to bring through the information that is most needed to provide understanding and insights into the situation/question you are seeking guidance about. The angels provide valuable information and loving guidance to help empower you and give you important messages to assist you in making decisions about your life and in achieving your goals and dreams.

You can also choose to have distant angelic energy healing along with your angel reading. This energy healing will include aura cleansing in addition to removing energetic blocks to one issue or goal (of your choosing). Please see the section below for more information on energy healing sessions.

You will receive an email within 24 hours of purchase to confirm when your reading will take place. Please note that you will be asked to provide a photograph of yourself, as this helps me to tune in to your angel messages.

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Distant Energy Healing Abgelic Energy Healing

Angel Card Reading + Energy Healing

Receive distant angelic energy healing to clear blocks to your goals as well as aura cleansing and personal channeled messages from the angels.

You will receive a written transcript of the reading via email in addition to a brief written report detailing information and guidance received during the healing session. Click below to schedule your session.

In this remote session, which is designed to help clear the path to your goals, you will receive an Angel Card Reading as well as powerful distant energy healing.

The healing session will include aura cleansing to clear negative or stagnant energy from your aura as well as distant healing to clear energetic blocks surrounding one issue or goal of your choosing.

If you feel blocked or stuck with a particular goal or issue (if you repeat frustrating patterns or can't quite seem to reach certain goals no matter how hard you try), then there is an energetic block in the way (such as subconscious negative beliefs, past life imprints, or subconscious patterns that are sabotaging your efforts.

Energy healing can help remove these stubborn blocks in order to help pave the way for you to achieve your goals. In this session, you can choose to focus on one goal (or issue) and you will receive a brief written report detailing information and guidance received during the healing session.

You will also receive written channeled messages from the angels in the form of an Angel Card Reading. You can ask three questions for this reading or choose to have a general reading.

There are a limited number of sessions available for May. You can schedule your session by clicking below.

Earth Angel Realm Reading Doreen Virtue

Earth Angel Realm Reading

In this reading, you will find out which earth angel realm that you belong to (e.g Wise One, Fairy, Star Person, etc), which will give important information about your life purpose and your soul mission as an earth angel.

This reading will be conducted via email. You will receive a complete written transcript of the reading sent to your email inbox within 7 -10 business days.

Have you ever felt that you are different to most people or felt that you are extremely sensitive to earth's energies? 

Do you feel that you have inherent knowledge and wisdom that many other people don't seem to understand?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then you are an EARTH ANGEL and you're not alone! You are amongst the many LIGHTWORKERS who have come to this planet to help people, animals, and all beings on earth live a happier, healthier existence.

A REALM READING will identify which Earth Angel Realm you belong to, based on the teachings of Doreen Virtue. In this reading, you will find out which earth angel realm you belong to (e.g. Wise One, Fairy, Star Person, Incarnated Angel, or one of the many other realms), which will give important information about your life purpose and your soul mission as an earth angel.

You will find out about the origins of your realm, how your realm communicates in relationships, what career path and leisure activities are best suited for your realm, and other helpful information specific to your realm.

Please note: This reading will be conducted via email. . You will need to send a photo of yourself and answer a short questionnaire for the realm reading. Once you purchase the reading, I will send you an email with the questionnaire within 24 hrs.

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"The most beautiful reading I have ever had!"

Oh my goodness. That is the most beautiful reading I have ever had! It is so very accurate! I can’t thank you enough for this reading. You have such a special connection with the angels! Amazing! The message you gave me offered me much comfort and peace of mind knowing the angels really are there.

- Rachel McLaren


"You have enlightened my path, my purpose and my direction in life."

I am ever so grateful to you. Everything you came up with is so spot on, it feels like you’ve looked into my soul... You have enlightened my path, my purpose and my direction in life.

- Elaine Somers


"Thank you for the most beautiful, uplifting and accurate word I have ever received!"

I witnessed everything in my spirit that you have seen! Thank you so much for your labor of dedication and gift on my behalf! May God bless all your endeavors!

- Kathleen


So very grateful to you. Once again, I am amazed and so completely grateful at your readings and how much they speak to me. You are truly blessed in being a messenger for the Angels.

— Nancy
This has been a wonderful reading and explains so many of my past connections and present feelings and behaviour. You have very clearly explained everything in the reading and I am profoundly grateful for the clarity in the information. Your reading has also been very compassionate and full of positivity. Thank you.
— Tanuka Gupta
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the session today! You really helped me! I feel SO MUCH BETTER… all the worry, stress, etc is GONE! I really needed the clearing of those two blocked areas. I don’t know how to tell you how much better I feel. I have hope again! I’m going to follow your suggestions and put action into them. THANKS AGAIN! YOU ROCK!
— Lisa
I’m already feeling the shifts and gifts... Thanks and gratitude to you for this healing.
— Vivienne
What Rachel offers is one of a kind, very intuitive, heart-felt, compassionate, gentle, loving, kind AND powerful!
— Lindsey




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