Weekly Reading April 16-22, 2018

New Moon + Mercury Goes Direct!

The energy is extremely powerful for manifesting this week.

It may feel very intense as we continue to integrate the New Moon energy coming through and as Mercury goes direct.

The recent MERCURY RETROGRADE period has been an extremely potent time for releasing, healing, letting go and aligning with your soul’s truth.

As we come through this recent period, this NEW MOON is ushering in a super important opportunity to set your intentions for how and where you would like to focus your time, attention and energy over the coming weeks and months.

Make sure to pay attention to what your heart is telling you at this time – when you follow your joy, your passion and your heart’s desires, you open the doors to receive increased abundance in all forms.

Your dreams are all possible!

The Angels are here to help you manifest your dreams + they’re reminding you to keep believing, trusting and knowing that you deserve to receive infinite love, abundance, success and joy.

You do not have to settle for less!


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This week will be a time for you to receive increased CLARITY. As the momentum starts to pick up and things start to move forward again as we integrate the recent Mercury Retrograde energy, you will start to feel that a weight has been lifted off of you. It will feel as though you can make more sense of the situations that have felt overwhelming, frustrating or confusing lately. Your vision and understanding will start to come into sharper focus and it will feel easier to see the bigger picture. You will feel a renewed inspiration, enthusiasm and drive to move forward with your goals as you receive this clarity and insight. Archangel Uriel is stepping forward for you to help you with this.



This week will start to feel as though a breath of fresh air has come through. It will feel as though you have been given more space to breathe and to expand into. The feeling of being squeezed will be lessened and you will feel a sense of renewal and revitalization – as though you have awakened from a long sleep and you are now ready to tackle bigger projects and ideas that have been put to one side. You will feel as though you have renewed energy, strength and determination to put plans in place and take the next steps towards accomplishing your goals. Archangel Metatron is stepping forward to help you with this.




This week is a powerful time for you to step into your power and feel more confident within yourself and your abilities. You might have felt recently that other people have not understood your point of view or that your perspective seems different to some of the people around you (or to mainstream society). The Angels are reminding you that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be unique, it’s okay to be YOU! You have unique wisdom to share with this world and you have the right to express your truth in a loving way. Your truth is important and your light is beautiful. As you release the fear and need to fit into what other people expect you to be or what they believe you should be like, you will feel an amazing sense of freedom and empowerment, which will propel you forward in fulfilling your purpose and manifesting your goals. Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are stepping forward to help you with this.   

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Remember to call upon the Angels this week!

They are always here to help you achieve your heart's desires!

Sending blessings + light,




Equinox and Abundance

Why is the Equinox such an important energetic event? 

The Equinox is a POWERFUL portal for aligning with your truth and opening up to higher levels of ABUNDANCE in all forms.

The Equinox marks the shift in seasons from Spring to Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is a sacred time for focusing on BALANCE and HARMONY.

It's a time when we are called to harmonize the energies of giving and receiving within our lives and also within the planet as a whole.



Equinox means 'equal night' and on this day the hours of daylight and darkness are of equal length.

Daylight is a time for 'doing' and represents the divine masculine energy, while nighttime is a time for 'surrender' and represents divine feminine energy.

Both of these energies (action/doing/giving energy and surrender/going within/receiving energy) are equally important for every being on earth.

All creation is made up of a balance of these energies. 

Our society tends to reward the giving/action energy and we have been socialized (to a large extent) to believe that surrender/letting go/receiving energy is disempowering or even shameful.

We've been led to believe that it's more potent and effective to take visible, physical action steps towards our goals rather than allowing our creative ideas to incubate and taking time for rest and self-care. 

These are just some examples of the difference between divine masculine and divine feminine energies and how they operate within the earthly realm. There are many other ways that we exhibit these energies and harness them. 



Why is it detrimental to have an imbalance of divine masculine and divine feminine energies?

A large percentage of people spend more time in the doing/action energy while neglecting their receiving energy because of how they've been socialized.

We've been taught to believe (in most cases) that the doing/giving/action energy is more powerful.

This is not true!

Divine feminine energy (or the receptive energy) is equally powerful and it's VITAL for manifesting any goal that you have.

When the divine masculine energy is dominant and the divine feminine is less developed, then this blocks the flow of ABUNDANCE.

Abundance can only flow when you're open to RECEIVING and when you allow this energy to flow to you.

When manifesting goals this is also crucial -- if you only focus on taking action steps rather than allowing the time and space for the Universe to birth your heart's desires into physical form, you are blocking the flow of creation.

It's extremely difficult to manifest anything when you are not open to receiving and when your divine masculine and divine feminine energies are out of balance.

You might think because you're giving all the time to others that you are in the divine feminine mode. but this is false.

When you're giving to others constantly and not replenishing your own energy/resources, you are blocking the flow of receiving.

The Equinox is one of TWO energy portals that we have each year on earth, where we're granted this amazing opportunity to restore the balance of giving and receiving within our lives and upon the earth.


What does the Equinox have to do with Abundance?


The energy coming through this portal is all about creating increased abundance for everyone on earth.

Working with the Equinox energy and harnessing the powerful potential coming through this portal provides the opportunity to open up further to the infinite Abundance that is flowing to you.

Abundance is infinite!

It's simply a matter of opening up to receive this Abundance and harness this infinite creative energy within the Universe to achieve your goals and dreams.

When you work with the Universal energy of Abundance and when you work in conjunction with the Angels, your ability to manifest your heart's desires and fulfill your infinite potential on earth increases exponentially.


How can the Angels help you harness the energy of the Equinox?


The Angels are powerful healers. They have the ability to remove lower-vibrational energy and align your entire being with the flow of Abundance.

The Angels are able to restore energetic balance and clear blocks that may be preventing you from receiving the levels of Abundance that you desire (and that you deserve).

The Archangels are also powerful manifestors and they have a magical ability to open doors that previously seemed shut or non-existent.

The Archangels' divine mission is to help you achieve your purpose and live a fulfilling, abundant life. 

Their greatest desire is to see you achieve your dreams and they are eager to help you with this!

Be sure to call upon the Angels during the Equinox to assist you in creating more balance within your life and opening up to receiving increased Abundance.


Sending blessings and light,



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Full Moon Eclipse January 31, 2018

Here are channeled Messages of Guidance from Archangel Haniel, Uriel and Zadkiel about this Blue Full Moon Eclipse (channeled January 31, 2018 by Rachel Avalon)

Blessed beings of light, we would like to reassure you on this Full Moon Eclipse that you are loved and supported more than you know. We know it’s been a challenging time recently for many of you. We know that the vibration coming to earth through this eclipse portal is pressing on your energy field and causing some discomfort and disruption.

You may be feeling out of sorts, stuck, lost, confused, anxious, overwhelmed, or tired. Allow your body to rest and allow yourself to feel the many emotions that are rising to the surface. These intense feelings are bubbling up quickly in order to separate reality from false beliefs — any dormant fear-based thoughts or energies are being brought to the surface at this time in order to be removed and released. It can feel overwhelming to have this undercurrent of lower vibrational energy rise to the surface so quickly.

We assure that we are here to support you and help you release these fear-based thoughts, emotions and patterns. Allow yourself to be carried by us and lifted up out of the mire. Allow yourself to be released from the trappings of fear and embrace the state of freedom that this eclipse portal is ushering in. As you let go of the heavy weight of old fears, you will begin to feel yourself born anew. You will begin to feel lighter and more buoyant, as though you could soar through the clouds and nothing could hold you back.

As the dense energy clears, you will begin to understand just how powerful you are. You have the power to create the path that you desire. You have the opportunity to shine your light brighter than ever before. You have the freedom to express your soul’s truth and share your unique gifts with the world.

This eclipse is a gateway to the infinite opportunities  and resources that are available to you. When you choose to enter this gateway you will be taken on an accelerated path of discovery, awakening and creation.

Open your heart and call upon us to help you recognise and harness the wondrous possibilities that are all around you.

Have patience and trust that your dreams are Manifesting into reality on the physical plane and that you have an abundance of blessings already on the way!


Sending blessings and light,



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Energy Reading January 22-28, 2018

The energy this week is intense!

We're being tested this week to TRUST and not get sidetracked from our goals!

Here's an excerpt from the Weekly Reading (posted Sunday in the Manifesting with the Angels group), which gives insight from the Angels into what's happening energetically right now.


If you feel taken off course or frustrated beyond belief, the Angels want you to know that you ARE being guided. You ARE being supported and the Angels are surrounding you with love and light -- remember to call upon them to ask you for help with specific issues/areas of your life. And remember to pay attention to the signs they are sending you.

Sending blessings and light!



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