Full Moon Eclipse January 31, 2018

Here are channeled Messages of Guidance from Archangel Haniel, Uriel and Zadkiel about this Blue Full Moon Eclipse (channeled January 31, 2018 by Rachel Avalon)

Blessed beings of light, we would like to reassure you on this Full Moon Eclipse that you are loved and supported more than you know. We know it’s been a challenging time recently for many of you. We know that the vibration coming to earth through this eclipse portal is pressing on your energy field and causing some discomfort and disruption.

You may be feeling out of sorts, stuck, lost, confused, anxious, overwhelmed, or tired. Allow your body to rest and allow yourself to feel the many emotions that are rising to the surface. These intense feelings are bubbling up quickly in order to separate reality from false beliefs — any dormant fear-based thoughts or energies are being brought to the surface at this time in order to be removed and released. It can feel overwhelming to have this undercurrent of lower vibrational energy rise to the surface so quickly.

We assure that we are here to support you and help you release these fear-based thoughts, emotions and patterns. Allow yourself to be carried by us and lifted up out of the mire. Allow yourself to be released from the trappings of fear and embrace the state of freedom that this eclipse portal is ushering in. As you let go of the heavy weight of old fears, you will begin to feel yourself born anew. You will begin to feel lighter and more buoyant, as though you could soar through the clouds and nothing could hold you back.

As the dense energy clears, you will begin to understand just how powerful you are. You have the power to create the path that you desire. You have the opportunity to shine your light brighter than ever before. You have the freedom to express your soul’s truth and share your unique gifts with the world.

This eclipse is a gateway to the infinite opportunities  and resources that are available to you. When you choose to enter this gateway you will be taken on an accelerated path of discovery, awakening and creation.

Open your heart and call upon us to help you recognise and harness the wondrous possibilities that are all around you.

Have patience and trust that your dreams are Manifesting into reality on the physical plane and that you have an abundance of blessings already on the way!


Sending blessings and light,



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Energy Reading January 22-28, 2018

The energy this week is intense!

We're being tested this week to TRUST and not get sidetracked from our goals!

Here's an excerpt from the Weekly Reading (posted Sunday in the Manifesting with the Angels group), which gives insight from the Angels into what's happening energetically right now.


If you feel taken off course or frustrated beyond belief, the Angels want you to know that you ARE being guided. You ARE being supported and the Angels are surrounding you with love and light -- remember to call upon them to ask you for help with specific issues/areas of your life. And remember to pay attention to the signs they are sending you.

Sending blessings and light!



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Energetic Blocks and Why They Are So Important

Do you ever feel as though no matter what actions you take or how much effort you put into achieving a certain goal that you just keep coming back to square one?

Does it feel like you can't seem to get past a certain threshold to accomplish the results that you truly desire no matter what you try?

This might be within your business, love life, finances, career path, family life, living situation, finding your purpose or even just an overall feeling of frustration about not having the amount of fulfilment or freedom that you would like in your life.

An example of this would be when you think you’ve overcome a certain issue or emotional trigger that affected a past relationship, only to discover that the same issue has cropped up again in your next relationship.

Or maybe you've experienced this with your job or business, when you have made a ton of effort to work your hardest and achieve the recognition and success that you feel you deserve, and yet somehow you continue to remain stuck at a certain income level or in a job that's unfulfilling and unrewarding.

Whenever you see frustrating or limiting patterns such as these, that repeat over time within your life, it almost always means that there’s a an energetic block stored within your vibrational field.

Energetic blocks affect us on every level of our being: emotional, energetic, physical, and spiritual. These blocks are often carried over from past lives and can be connected with ancestral and karmic issues. We can also pick up these blocks within this lifetime, usually in childhood.

The most common forms of energetic blocks are vows from past lives (such as vows of poverty, failure, unfulfillment, suffering, etc.), limiting beliefs (such as 'I don't deserve to succeed', 'I don't deserve abundance', 'It's not possible to fulfill my heart's desires and have financial abundance at the same time', etc), ancestral patterns (such as patterns of self-limitation and self-sabotage), karmic issues (such as self-punishment or disempowerment) and energetic programs (such as unworthiness, lack of confidence, lack of self-belief, etc).

Energetic blocks tend to be subconscious or hidden. They are buried deep within us and they impact everything we do.

When you have an energetic block, it will always stop you from reaching the levels of success that you desire, until you address it.

Often we don’t even realise that we have these blocks and we think that life just has to be the way that it is - that we have to settle for having less joy, fulfillment, freedom, and abundance than we truly desire.

We're socialized to believe that only some people deserve success and only very lucky people can ‘have it all’ in life. We’re taught to accept our blocks as inevitable or as something that we just have to live with.

This is simply not true!

Energetic blocks CAN be cleared and you CAN be released from these frustrating patterns that hold you back.


Are you ready to release what's holding you back?


You were born to live a fulfilling, joyful, successful and abundant life. You incarnated on earth in this lifetime to share your unique gifts and your wisdom with the world. It is your birthright to fulfill your purpose and experience infinite love, joy and fulfilment within this lifetime.

This doesn't mean that we will never have to experience difficult, frustrating or challenging situations. We are human after all and life on earth can be challenging. However, when you release the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from reaching your true potential and achieving your dreams, then you can open up to the infinite love, joy and bliss that flows throughout the Universe and that we all have access to.

When you release the blocks that are stored within your energy field, you can reach greater levels of fulfilment and success within your life as you awaken to higher and higher vibrations.

One of the biggest dreams that I had within my life since I was a child was to connect with my Soulmate. I always knew within my heart that this was part of my purpose, to share my life with my Soulmate and have a loving, equal partnership where we supported each other in sharing our gifts with the world.

I went through many years of heartbreak and spent much of my adult life either alone or in unfulfilling relationships. I felt completely disempowered and had lost faith that I would ever fulfill my dream. I became quite cynical and angry about it at times, doubting myself and the Universe, thinking that I must have gotten it wrong. I must have been meant to be alone forever.

But something inside me knew that this could not be right. I had a 'knowing' beyond all the doubt and frustration that I had to be with my Soulmate. So I dug deep and called out for major help from the Universe and the Angels.

When I did this, I was shown the most powerful information of my life. I was guided through a series of synchronistic events that led to the right people, the right information and the most powerful tools that would change my life forever.

I was given sacred wisdom that has been kept secret from most people on earth — the keys to opening up our full potential and accessing divine infinite freedom, truth and love.

The information I learned about energetic blocks and the techniques that I have since channeled from the Angels have been one of the most important and influential occurrences within my life. Without these, I would have remained stuck, frustrated, lost, confused, afraid and I would never have been able to fulfill my purpose on earth.

Instead, I got to work using the tools I had been given and I started clearing my blocks. I released thousands of years of trauma, pain, fear, anguish, suffering, loss (and more) that occurred over many lifetimes, which had been stored within my vibrational field.

I did A LOT of releasing and through this process I honed the techniques of clearing blocks and channeled further techniques from the Archangels. As I cleared these blocks along with implementing the powerful manifesting techniques that the Archangels guided me through, I was able to find my Soulmate and we have since created the beautiful life together that I had dreamed about when I was a child.

The Angels took me on this magical journey of finding my Soulmate in order for me to learn these block clearing techniques and to evolve them into an even more efficient and effective healing process.

I have gone on to use this block clearing process to accomplish many more goals within my life, including creating a successful online business. In order to start my business and grow it into what it is today, I had to clear my blocks (including fears about switching careers, limiting beliefs about money and freedom, vows of self-limitation and many more). By doing this inner work and clearing these blocks, I am now able to share my gifts and fulfill my soul purpose while bringing increased abundance and freedom for me and my family.

Healing energetic blocks is something that I feel truly passionate about and the Archangels are guiding me in this lifetime to share the sacred information in order to help other people release what's holding them back and experience the magnitude of love, joy and fulfillment that I get to experience each and every day (and which continues to grows exponentially).

I am eternally grateful to the Angels for taking me on this journey and I am here to tell you that you do not have to be held back by your energetic blocks any longer! 

As long as you're willing to take an honest look at where things are out of alignment and as long as you're ready to make the powerful shifts that releasing blocks brings, then you will be able to experience greater amounts of success, love, joy, freedom and abundance within all areas of your life. 

Blessings and light,


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11:11 Energy Portal

The 11:11 Energy Portal is fast approaching. You've probably been sensing the powerful energy building up to this important Stargate which is even more intense than usual since we are in a One Universal year. 

I have just channeled this message from the Archangels, which gives insight into the nature of this 11:11 energy and how you can work with it for your highest good:

"The 11:11 energy portal is opening up a gateway to a realm of divine, infinite grace, peace, love and understanding. The energy of peace surrounds this portal and it is bringing through a wave of balance and harmony. This balance is essential for enabling you to fulfill your Soul Mission and to achieve your heart’s deepest desires. You have the opportunity to allow this wave of peace, light and love to flow into your being and transport you to a higher dimension.

As you open up to this infinite flow of love, peace and light, you will be shedding many layers of old, dense energy that have been weighing you down and holding you back. As these layers are released, it may feel uncomfortable at times causing some anxiety and fear to arise. Letting go of so much baggage will ultimately free you but it can also feel like you are vulnerable and naked – laid bare with nothing to hide behind and nothing to cling on to. It may feel as though you are floating and drifting without an anchor point – this is where it is crucial to ground yourself and stay centered.

The vibration of the 11:11 portal is the energy of pure creation – it is the energy of pure manifestation and it has the power to remove all boundaries. As an earthly being, it is imperative that you stay grounded and connected with the earth’s foundation in order to harness the energy that is coming through this powerful Stargate. Connect with the earth and give thanks for all that Mother Nature provides – ask that this 11:11 energy bring healing to the earth and to all beings on this planet.

As beings of light, it is important to all work together to ground this energy and harness it for the highest good of all. You can call upon us, the Archangels, to help you with opening up to this 11:11 energy in order to transform your energetic body and your earthly body, to help you align with your greater purpose, your Soul Mission and your heart’s true desires. We are here to support you, guide you and remove obstacles on your path as you awaken and expand into your infinite potential.

We send you blessings and love and we thank you for being on earth at this time.

We ask you to continue holding light within your heart as you go forward on your soul’s sacred journey."

-- Message from Archangels Metatron, Uriel, Ariel, Raziel, Chamuel, and Zadkiel channeled by Rachel Avalon 11/9/17


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Sending blessings + light to all!



11:11 Angelic Alignment + Energy Activation

November 11, 2017 @ 3pm Eastern



11:11 is a gateway for us to ALIGN WITH OUR DREAMS and OPEN UP to the infinite flow of abundance, creative energy and love that the Universe and the Angels are sending to us.


The 11:11 portal is a DIVINE GIFT that is being given to us.


This year provides an extra special opportunity to work with the 11:11 energies because 2017 is a 1 universal year (2+0+1+7 = 10 and 1+ 0 = 1).


A ONE universal year is all about planting the seeds for what you wish to sow over the next 9 years.

And the 11:11 portal this year is, therefore, a time for harnessing the infinite manifesting energy coming through and anchoring it in to support ALL that you wish to co-create with the Universe over the coming 9 years.


Needless to say, this 11:11 is HUGE!

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11:11 Angelic Alignment and Energy Activation


NOVEMBER 11, 2017 @ 3pm Eastern Time

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