JUNE 23, 2017 @5pm Eastern

Join me for this special LIVE New Moon Manifesting Circle (via international teleconference), which will incorporate the energy of the Solstice and the New Moon.

The Solstice (Summer in the North and Winter in the South) is taking place two days before the New Moon, which will exponentially amplify the manifesting power of this New Moon.

The Solstice is all about the energy of the SUN which represents the divine masculine and the New Moon represents the divine feminine (sometimes thought of as Yin and Yang or Shiva and Shakti energies).

Having the New Moon and the Solstice so close together makes this an important time for balancing the divine masculine and feminine energies and for focusing on SOULMATE LOVE.

During the New Moon Manifesting Circle on June 23rd, I'll be sharing powerful information channeled from the Archangels on how to manifest your Soulmate.

The session includes a guided manifesting meditation and group energy healing to clear blocks to manifesting your SOULMATE RELATIONSHIP.

I'll also be doing a live channeling during this session, where you will have the opportunity to ask ONE QUESTION about a dream or goal that you'd like to manifest and receive personal channeled guidance from the angels about how to manifest your desire (you can ask about your Soulmate or you can ask about another goal or dream that you have)



New Moon Manifesting Circle: June 23, 2017





Working with the cycles of the moon is an extremely effective way to amplify your manifesting abilities.

The moon embodies a unique creative vibration which has the ability to boost creative energy exponentially.

The New Moon is an especially potent time for manifesting goals.

It's a time for setting clear intentions and aligning with your heart's desires.

At the start of every moon cycle, we're given an important opportunity to renew our commitment to our goals and to manifest exciting new possibilities for achieving our dreams.

New Moon with mountains and lake.jpg


Imagine feeling excited, empowered and energized at the start of each moon cycle, feeling prepared and ready to move forward with your goals.


Imagine having the clarity and confidence that you need to get to the next level of success each month.

When you invite the magical manifesting energy of the moon into your life, it is TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Pink Line.png

You will experience a SHIFT when you embrace the energy of the moon cycles and open up to its magical, creative potential.

When you work with the energy of the New Moon, you'll start to align more fully with your soul purpose and with your life goals.

Things will begin to flow more easily and you'll feel less resistance.

Your heart's desires will begin manifesting with greater ease.

These are just some of the amazing benefits that you'll receive as you open up to the manifesting power of the moon.

This manifesting power becomes even stronger when we come together with like-minded souls.

Join us for the New Moon on June 23rd

Let's come together to harness the magical manifesting energy of the moon and the Solstice!







What people are saying about Rachel's work:


"You have enlightened my path, my purpose and my direction in life. I am ever so grateful to you. Everything you came up with is so spot on, it feels like you’ve looked into my soul...

-- Elaine Somers


What Rachel offers is one of a kind, very intuitive, heart-felt, compassionate, gentle, loving, kind AND powerful

-- Lindsey

testimonial image 4.png

Thank you for the most beautiful, uplifting and accurate word I have ever received! I witnessed everything in my spirit that you have seen! Thank you so much for your labor of dedication and gift on my behalf! May God bless all your endeavors!

-- Kathleen

Oh my goodness, that is the most beautiful reading I have ever had! It is so very accurate! I can’t thank you enough for this reading. You have such a special connection with the angels! Amazing! The message you gave me offered me much comfort and peace of mind knowing the angels really are there.

-- Rachel McLaren

So very grateful to you. Once again, I am amazed and so completely grateful at your readings and how much they speak to me. You are truly blessed in being a messenger for the Angels.
— Nancy
I’m already feeling the shifts and gifts... Thanks and gratitude to you for this healing.
— Vivienne
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SESSION TODAY!! You really helped me !! I feel SO MUCH BETTER… all the worry, stress, etc is GONE! I really needed the clearing of those two blocked areas. I don’t know how to tell you how much better I feel. I have hope again! I’m going to follow your suggestions and put action into them. THANKS AGAIN! YOU ROCK!
— Lisa




Rachel Avalon is a manifesting coach, angel communicator and energy healer. She's passionate about helping women become more empowered in order to achieve their dreams and fulfill their purpose. Rachel is dedicated to teaching the powerful manifesting techniques that she's learned over the past 30 years in order to help others live the abundant, blissful life that they deserve.



The New Moon Manifesting Circle is a LIVE session of channeling, teaching, meditation, and energy healing.

Each month we focus on a specific theme (such as financial abundance, manifesting your soulmate, fulfilling your life purpose, etc.) and dedicate the session to removing blocks to this goal as well as teaching about the Law of Attraction and how to supercharge your manifesting power. 

In addition, powerful energy healing will be transmitted to you remotely to remove blocks and obstacles to your goals.

You will also receive a special energetic download of love, light and success in order to help you radiate the right and best vibration for manifesting your dreams. I work with the loving energy of the New Moon and Archangel Haniel (the moon angel) to transmit this energy download and healing to you.





WHEN: FRIDAY, JUNE 23rd @ 5PM Eastern Time









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