I’ve taken several of Rachel’s classes and just recently had a one on one session dealing with starting my healing business. Rachel helped me in several different areas. She was able to remove blocks and programs that had me stuck and spinning my wheels. I did not even realize that I had these blocks/programs that needed to be removed. After removing the blocks/programs she channeled messages from the Angels that gave guidance and direction. Now instead of feeling hopeless and stuck I’ve been able now to focus and move forward with anticipation and great new doors have already started to open for me. Her guidance has always been SPOT ON and so very helpful. I recommend Rachel Avalon very highly !!!!
— Lisa
Feeling a little stagnant and blocked in my business these past few weeks, I opted for a reading from Rachel to see what it was that I wasn’t being aware of. I’d been talking about my problem with a few friends and had no clarity or resolution on how to move forward. Upon reading Rachels’ reading, all the pieces feel into a seriously clear picture and I completely understood how I was getting in my own way! It made absolute sense!! I’ve printed off her reading and am keeping it close as a reminder of how I need to show up in my own life and what action I need to take in order to resolve the current conflict. It is EXACTLY what I needed to hear and I feel completely empowered to move forward with ease and grace. Thankyou so much Rachel!!
— `Verity
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SESSION TODAY!! You really helped me !! I feel SO MUCH BETTER… all the worry, stress, etc is GONE! I really needed the clearing of those two blocked areas. I don’t know how to tell you how much better I feel. I have hope again! I’m going to follow your suggestions and put action into them. THANKS AGAIN! YOU ROCK!
— Lisa
I am so grateful that I found you to guide me on this journey. Thank you for once again offering these readings. I frequently read over all the readings that you have done for me and I can’t believe how much I have grown and learned to open up my heart to love and to all this amazing magic life has to offer, thanks to divine guidance. So very grateful to you. Once again, I am amazed and so completely grateful at your readings and how much they speak to me. You are truly blessed in being a messenger for the Angels.
— Nancy
I recently had a coaching session with Rachel. What a beautiful energy! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and Rachel was so easy to talk to and she understood exactly where I was coming from. I have been on a wonderful journey for the last 5 years and I feel I understand what I need to do and where I am going. Despite this Rachel was able to highlight issues/concerns I had and enabled me to look at them for an entirely different viewpoint. This has allowed me to move forward with a greater understanding of where I am going and how to get there. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough.
— Emma Nicholls
I am ever so grateful to you. Everything you came up with is so spot on, it feels like you’ve looked into my soul... You have enlightened my path, my purpose and my direction in life.
— Elaine Somers
Thank you for the most beautiful, uplifting and accurate word I have ever received! I witnessed everything in my spirit that you have seen! Thank you so much for your labor of dedication and gift on my behalf! May God bless all your endeavors!
— K. F.
It was so great having the coaching session with you today. You have a really amazing gift and I’m so glad you are sharing it. I’m really excited about how our session went and I feel all tingly inside. Thank you so much!
— Brandy Miller
Rachel has been spot-on for me! I was drawn in by her weekly card readings and purchased an angel reading which gave me goosebumps, made me cry (in a GREAT way) and gave me the confirmation I was searching for. I then did a coaching session with Rachel where she helped me again with confirmation and confidence to move forward in certain areas of my life! What Rachel offers is one of a kind, very intuitive, heart-felt, compassionate, gentle, loving, kind AND powerful!
— Lindsey Torres
This reading is wonderful! I am so grateful for your reading.
I have truly enjoyed this and the insight you have - you obviously work very closely with the angels. It’s really nice to have the angels affirm through someone else what I am feeling and know in my heart.
— - Lisa Driver
Absolutely made me cry! Thank you, thank you so so much. It confirmed everything that I believed and felt. You know, that knowing. Thank you so much and blessings to you.
— Nancy Taylor

This has been a wonderful reading and explains so many of my past connections and present feelings and behaviour. You have very clearly explained everything in the reading and I am profoundly grateful for the clarity in the information. Your reading has also been very compassionate and full of positivity. Thank you.
— Tanuka Gupta
I’m already feeling the shifts and gifts... Thanks and gratitude to you for this healing.
— Vivienne
I can’t thank you enough for the inspiring masterclass. It was fun, interesting and extremely helpful. It is amazing to see the change in attitude I have already made in just a week. I look forward to many more changes in my life. A BIG THANK YOU!
— Carolyn
I attended the [Abundance] workshop and it truly was one of the best things that ever happened to me… I highly recommend Rachel’s services, she is very knowledgeable, offers direct, simple and highly effective techniques
— Alireza
Rachel is a kind, caring and thorough presenter of helpful information and specific tools we can use to help align ourselves with the energy of abundance. I felt especially connected during the meditation Rachel led us through, giving me a real sense of being blessed and in the flow of divine abundant energy… Thank you, Rachel, for your genuine care and assistance in learning these tools!
— Barbara Jean
Thank you so much Rachel for an enlightening workshop, I appreciated the interactivity between each of your students at the workshop and the ability to see yourself in the forum which added a personal touch... I still use the mandala to this day while incorporating it into prayers... blessings and sincere gratitude.
— Rebecca
Thank you for an amazing healing session. You created a loving space where I felt comfortable and protected. Your gift for healing was evident by how quickly and accurately you were able to pinpoint the areas where i was blocked, and then you cleared these issues in a very gentle way. I am very grateful to you for this healing
— Sue Williams
I had a healing session with Rachel a few months ago and it was a wonderful experience. During the session I felt an immediate sense of relief from the frustration and fear that had been blocking me up until that point. Since the session I have continued to experience a new sense of peace and calm, which has enabled me to be more focused and relaxed. I now have a more ‘enlightened’ perspective
on my overall purpose and a renewed sense of enthusiasm
— Frances
Thank you very much! It was the first [energy] activation I have ever done in this way. I saw Archangels colours near me during this healing and I feel new energy!

— Joel