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In accordance with legislation please note that the information, statements, opinions and products offered on the Heart Soul Bliss website are for personal entertainment and reflection. In all cases you, as an individual, need to exercise your own judgement in terms of personal actions. Heart Soul Bliss and the owner associated with this service are not held accountable for decisions made by the recipient. Please be aware that all messages and predictions made through angel reading, angelic communication and healing sessions are subject to the Law of Free Will and the divine timing of the Universe. The services provided by Heart Soul Bliss are not to replace medical treatment, psychiatric treatment, or to act as legal or financial advice. Heart Soul Bliss and the owner associated with this service cannot guarantee your results, earnings, or future earnings and cannot provide legal or financial advice. Any and all actions and decisions made by the individual requesting the reading, coaching or healing session are the responsibility of that individual. By purchasing any of the products and services offered by Heart Soul Bliss, you agree to this disclaimer’s terms and conditions stating that you understand that any choices and actions you make are your own personal and legal responsibility and that you have sought the services provided by Heart Soul Bliss, assuming full responsibility for your decision. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase an angel reading.